June 30, 2014

Purolite and c-LEcta Collaborate to Market CalB immo Plus™ Immobilized Enzyme

Bala Cynwyd, PA., July 1, 2014 – c-LEcta GmbH (c-LEcta) and Purolite Corporation (Purolite) have entered into a joint development, manufacturing and marketing collaboration for a high-performance preparation of immobilized enzyme Candida antarctica lipase B (CalB). The enzyme is available immediately through Purolite and c-LEcta under the trade name of CalB immo Plus™.


CalB immo Plus™ is obtained by lipase adsorption immobilization on a highly hydrophobic carrier and is supplied as dry spherical beads. CalB immo Plus™ is suitable for a wide range of esterification and transesterification applications including its use in solvent-free systems as well as in organic solvents.


Lipase B from Candida antarctica (CalB) is a versatile biocatalyst used extensively for large-scale production of cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as food ingredients. Immobilized enzymes are well established as biocatalysts in these industries, and provide sustainability, process economy, easy separation from reaction mixtures and the ability to be re-used for many reaction cycles.


“c-LEcta is an ideal partner to complement Purolite’s expertise in immobilized enzyme resin design,” says Jacob Brodie, Vice President at Purolite Corporation. “With c-LEcta’s strength in commercial-scale enzyme production and use of highly efficient production strains, we are able to co-develop high-value immobilized enzyme products that enhance Purolite’s LifeTech™ platform and bring value to customers.”


Dr. Andreas Buthe, Senior Business Development Manager at c-LEcta notes, “The synergy of expertise between c-LEcta lipase and Purolite resin enabled the creation of a truly efficient and effective biocatalytic performer. We are delighted to collaborate with a strong partner like Purolite, a leading company for resin technology with a global sales presence.”


About c-LEcta GmbH

c-LEcta is an industrial biotechnology company that applies best-in-class biotechnologies to efficiently provide customized enzymes and microbial strains to industrial applications. The company covers a broad range of the value chain from discovery and engineering to commercial production of customized enzymes and strains. Scientific excellence is combined with in-depth commercial and regulatory know-how to bring innovative and competitive bioprocessed products into scale. Please visit www.c-LEcta.com for more information.


About Purolite Corporation

Founded in 1981, Purolite is a leading manufacturer of ion exchange, catalyst, adsorbent and specialty resins and offers the widest platform of resins for enzyme immobilization as part of the LifeTech product portfolio. Headquartered in Bala Cynwyd, PA, the company has ISO certified manufacturing facilities in the USA, China, and Romania and operates dedicated R&D centers in the USA, China, Romania, Russia, and the UK. Purolite, the only company focused exclusively on resin technology, has 40 sales offices in more than 30 countries. Please visit www.purolite.com for more information.


Contact Information

Dr. Alessandra Basso

LifeTech™ Business Manager

Phone: +44 778 531 844 0

Email: alessandra.basso@purolite.com


Dr. Andreas Buthe

Senior Business Development Manager

Phone: +49 341 355 214 0

Email: andreas.buthe@c-LEcta.de