September 28, 2015

Purolite becomes a member of the UK Bioindustry Association (BiA)

“Purolite is proud to sponsor the Bioindustry Association” notes Chris Major, Director of Agarose and BioProcessing.  “Our R&D Centre of Excellence is based in Wales, and the BiA do a fantastic job of promoting UK bioscience.  Supporting the BiA is important to help Purolite connect with customers who require high-quality resins for enzyme immobilization, adsorption, extraction, and chromatography, and finished products for biocatalysis especially with our new product launch coming up”.

“Customers in bioprocessing have long been unhappy with the very high prices they pay for protein A chromatography resins, especially when they are used for only a very limited number of cycles, as in the production of early-phase clinical trial material,” stated Chris. “We have worked to address the needs our of customers and in October we will expand our Praesto portfolio, with a protein A resin which will provide the required capacity, CIP stability and outstanding performance properties at a lower cost and in a ready-to-use format.  We look forward to a bright future together with the BiA”