Chromalite® CGC100X8
Chromalite® CGC100X8

Chromalite® CGC100X8

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Chromalite CGC100x8 is a chromatographic cation exchange resin designed for small organic and inorganic compound separation and purification polymer. It contains 100 μm styrenic resin beads crosslinked with 8% divinylbenzene (DVB). Our proprietary manufacturing method creates perfectly spherical beads with exceptional kinetic and packing properties.

Unlike similar products on the market, our Chromalite CGA and CGC resins are supplied in highly pure form (very low extractables content) and do not require pre-treatment. As such they are suitable for pharmaceutical applications.

Equivalent to:
- Dowex; 1X8 50-100 mesh (Dow)
- AG 1-X8 Resin (Bio-Rad)

Gel Strong Acid Cation Activated Styrene/Polydivinylbenzene Copolymer.